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I have a multi-disciplinary background (in psychology, physics and engineering) and considerable research experience in both academic and industrial environments. After I graduated Ritsumeikan University with MSc in Physics. I joined Mitsubishi Electric Corporation and worked on the development and design of televisions and computer monitors employing electromagnetic field simulation and ergonomics approaches (1990-1995), and then worked on the development of power electric distribution systems and the protection devices (1995-2002). Through my engineering career, my research interests gradually developed towards human behaviour and brain mechanisms to improve quality of life by combining neuroscience and new technologies; therefore I learned cognitive neuroscience at Bangor University (2003-2012), mainly focusing on human tool use mechanisms employing multisensory integration paradigm and computational (probabilistic) approaches in my PhD. I started my postdoctoral research career at the University of Birmingham in October 2012.

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