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    Research Topic 1: Multisensory Integration

When estimating the properties of the environment, the brain processes multiple sources of information, both across the different senses, and within a sensory modality such as vision (e.g. binocular disparity, perspective etc.). We investigate how information is combined from multiple sources to give a single percept of the world. Our particular emphasis is on how the brain combines information from vision and haptics (active touch) when using tools. This research aims to better understand the fundamental human capability to use tools, as well as examining the flexibility of sensory integration processes more generally. By better understanding human tool-use, we hope ultimately to inform the design of visual-haptic interfaces such as remote surgical devices.

     Research Topic 2: Dysfunction of sensory integration and the phenomena
My current research focuses on understanding the mechanism of anomalous perceptions, the neurocognitive correlates of hallucinatory experience of the self, including anomalous bodily experiences, sensed-presence experiences, depersonalization experiences and the 'self', where some of the phenomena can be considered as dysfunction of sensory integration.

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